Jan 19, 2013

7 Months Later

Well, here we are seven months down the road and into a new year.  It's been a day-by-day journey for me since July 4th when I was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered a crushed ankle and twisted back.  I still sport massive pieces of hardware in my leg that cause me continuous discomfort, like wearing an iron shackle that's just a bit too tight.... for way too long .  Seven months of pain, I've discovered, is much like Chinese water torture;  slowly wearing away the energy, joy and spirit of this gentle soul.  I am broken.  

Over this amount of time I have had the opportunity to experience what TTouch is like on an injury and how much a body part can crave touch ..... making the purposeful, mindful effect of TTouch absolutely, completely extraordinary.   It is overwhelmingly wonderful, often times bringing me to tears.... although the tears can be attributed to the head injury.... this was my 5th in life (yes, I was wearing a helmet, which no doubt saved my life!).  .... I am without doubt that TTouch has been deeply helpful in the cellular healing of my ankle, improving its circulation, neural repair, feeling/sensation, as well as overall flexibility and elasticity.   I have witnessed how TTouch can influence and improve behavior in our companion animals, but to actually feel improvement in an area of injury/disturbance is absolutely astounding.

Rehabilitating, moving gently and carefully have been the order of my days and so I distract myself with things that bring me joy.   I have been learning to make cheese and other easy cooking games as well as exercising my joy of photography and a very deep seated love of writing.   I'm (finally!) working on getting myself published.   Although this is supposed to be a blog 'just' about TTouch;  the truth is I'm lazy and have a lot of other stuff to share, so we'll explore cheese making, crock pot cooking, herb growing, household tips and a variety of interesting things along with TTouch. 

I want to point out that despite my broken status, I can still see clients.
My place or yours... within decent driving distance, of course.

Next time I'll be doing a nice tutorial on making Mozzarella cheese.  I'll need to wait a week or so till I'm actually making the cheese again so that I can include good pictures of the process.  It's a relatively easy thing to make and almost impossible to ruin, but for sure it takes technique and practice.   I'll guide you as best I can.  You'll love the results!  Literally.

Welcome back ~  I hope you'll hang with me and have some fun, too.   I've had too many close calls in life and you know, there is nothing more wonderful than the human connection.  Don't be a stranger.

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